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Choice Components Analysis

Choice Components Analysis Analysis examines the roles of two proximal causes of decisions:

1.     sufficient identifications, and

2.     comparative selections.

Either or both may make a contribution to the decision status of an option by a case.

Sufficient identification applies when an option can be said to be selected, or not, without reference to another option. Sufficient identification blockages that rule an option unselectable include: non-recognition or non-recall, ignorance or unfamiliarity, unavailability, inaccessibility, ineligibility, exclusion, elimination, indecision, deferral or inertia. Another aspect of sufficient identification applies when an option is automatically selected and alternative options ignored (e.g. as with habits).

Comparative selections involve a comparision of two or more options, or, an option with a criterion.

Choice Components Analysis Analysis evaluates the contribution of each of these causes (and sub-categories of sufficient identification in the form of blockages to comparative selection) for each option for each case.

Aggregate results for sample data show the causal factor and blockage-type contributions to the total share of each option for both cases and samples.

An introduction to Choice Components Analysis is contained in CCAHelp.hlp and is elaborated more extensively in the pdf file: "An approach to the ecological analysis of decisions"

Program capabilities

The Choice Components Analysis program will analyse up to 30 options for 60,000 cases within a run.

Relevant option appraisal data for input can be in the form of ratings, rankings, selection probabilities, or option selections, and, with alphanumeric codes for blockages. Up to six types of option blockage can be analysed within a run.

System requirements and licensing

The program runs on Excel in Windows.

Choice Components Analysis is an Excel VBA program than can be run as an Add-In or simply by double-clicking the program and running it within Excel.

This version of Choice Components Analysis is freeware. Here is the license .

Download materials

The Choice Components Analysis download includes the program and analysis examples.


For the Choice Components Analysis zip file download click here (300kB)



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