Methods for the Analysis of Choices and Evaluations

Technical notes and comments on applications

The notes below principally relate to Options Analysis. Some of the items included in the Options Analysis and Supplementary Materials downloads have also been included here.


  1. Introduction to Options Analysis (OA download paper) - pdf file

  2. Options Analysis basics

  3. Paradoxical relations between appeal and share - an example

  4. Sensitivity and projectability of share with respect to appeal - an example

  5. Options Analysis Tutorial and Help Guide (OA supplementary download paper) - pdf file

  6. Choice intentions measurement and Options Analysis application

  7. Components of appeal distributions and forces for change

  8. Changing an option's appeal, advantage and share (OA supplementary download paper)

  9. Components of appeal affecting advantage, disadvantage and share (OA supplementary download paper)

  10. Relations between an antecedent option, an option modification, and a modified option (OA supplementary download paper)

  11. Analysis of option impacts on share and advantage of other options in a selection set

  12. Notes on uncertainty, probability, risk and Options Analysis

  13. Collecting individual uncertainty data

  14. Step-by-step creation of data for Options Analysis of an individual

  15. Paper on analysis of the proximal causes of selections (Choice Components Analysis) - pdf file

  16. Consolidation of options for Options Analysis - technical note


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