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Option Impacts Analysis

Option Impacts Analysis focuses on cross-impacts amongst evaluations of options within a selection set. It applies when you want to determine the preference structure and preference flows between options to show from which other options each option immediately draws its share.

With two options their cross-impacts on share are obvious and direct. If one option is eliminated then the other has a 100% monopoly of choice. With three or more options the cross-impacts amongst options are more complicated and worthy of closer attention which is the subject of Option Impacts Analysis.

Program capabilities

The Option Impacts Analysis program will analyse from 3 to 30 options for 60,000 cases. Relevant appraisal data for input can be in the form of ratings, rankings, selection probabilities, or option selection identifications.

Up to 250 other variables can be associated with a single analysis run. These other variables can be used for filtering sub-samples, validation, or follow-on analysis.

System requirements and licensing

The program runs on Windows with Excel 97 or later.

Option Impacts Analysis is an Excel VBA program than can be run as an Add-In or simply by double-clicking the program and running it within Excel.

This version of Option Impacts Analysis is freeware. Here is the license .

Download materials

The Option Impacts Analysis download includes the program, analysis examples and example data.


For the Option Impacts Analysis zip file download click here (374KB)




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