Methods for the Analysis of Choices and Evaluations


Options Analysis

Options Analysis is about comparing aggregate distributions of desirability, attractiveness or appeal amongst options to determine why they vary or how they might be changed to yield different option selection shares. In other words, it is a macro-level emergent analysis of agentsí ratings of each optionís appeal with their consequences for each optionís selection.

Procedures are provided for both distributional analysis and change simulation. Distributional analysis is concerned with the scale of different parameter impacts on choice and option shares. Simulation focuses on the changeability of selection shares as a function of appeal parameter change.

Program capabilities

The Options Analysis program will analyse up to 30 options for 60,000 cases. Up to 250 other variables can be associated with a single Options Analysis run. These other variables can be used for filtering sub-samples, validation, or follow-on analysis.

System requirements and licensing

The program runs on Windows with Excel 97 or later.

Options Analysis is an Excel VBA program than can be run as an Add-In or simply by double-clicking the program and running it within Excel.

This version of Options Analysis is freeware. Here is the license .

Download materials

The Options Analysis download includes the program, context sensitive help, Options Analysis examples and example data.

More advanced materials and background details are contained in a supplementary download.


For the Options Analysis zip file download click here (1.6MB)

For the supplementary materials zip file download click here (0.7MB)




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